How to use Pug with Hapi

This tutorial is compatible with hapi v17. Node and Hapi should be installed for work with this tutorial.

In this quick post I will show how to use a Pug as a default template engine in your Hapi project. We will use information from previous article about how to use handlebars in Hapi. First of all, let’s install the Pug:

Setup template engine and render

You need include it to your server and initialize the default template engine for our server. Use the following code:

Now, we can start creating a new views. Create an index.html file in templates folder with the following content:

As you see, we added dynamic content – title and message. We will interpolate these variables inside GET /index route using the view method:

Full example

You can check more information about how to use Pug in the official guide.

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