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On this page, I will share tools that I use in my life and can recommend. Inspired by Paul Minors


I love traveling. Check out the list of tools, which I’m using for every trip:

  • AirBnb -  find accommodation anywhere in the world and feel like a local. Get $20 credit for your first stay.
  • Booking - find cheap and interesting hotels. There are a lot of pretty bonuses from hotels. Get 15$ cash reward from me.
  • Hotellook - find hotel deals and discounts. I like it because you can filter the hotels with discounts or other promos for dates you need.
  • Skyscanner - find many variants, how to fly to other cities with interesting connections. Also, you can check prices by months.
  • Jetradar - find and buy cheap flight tickets and choose comfortable connections for you, if you need. Usually, I search routes and connections using Skyscanner, but buy always on Jetradar.
  • Foursquare - find bars, restaurants, attractions or “must see/must visit” places using the mobile app.
  • Swarm - collect your travel memories.I’ve been using this mobile app since the 2010 year and it’s “my travel diary”.
  • Google Maps - discover interesting places using “yellow backlight”. If you do not know what it is, check my article about this feature of Google Maps.
  • Uber - universal taxi app for most of the cities. Get your free first ride here.


  • Spendee - see how you spend your money. I using this IOS app more than 1 year, every single day. Probably, need to write the separate article about all features.


  • Apple Reminders - simple TODO-list for yourself. I using this app for simple and not important events. For example, when I cooking.
  • Apple Calendar - main calendar for any type of events. I using this app both: on Mac and Iphone. The calendar can be synchronized between multiple devices using Icloud. I scheduling my important goals, days, trips, meetings, work moments etc in this app.
  • Blankster Chrono - I’ve been using this daily planner since my 23rd birthday. You can check what is this in my review.


  • DigitalOcean - VPS-hosting for simple and complex projects. I using it with Dokku for projects tests. Get $10 bonus from me and set up your first project using this service.
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