Open source


  • “Create Telegram bot with NodeJS and Firebase Cloud Functions”. 🇬🇧 Udemy
  • “Express.js. Practical course”. 🇷🇺 Udemy
  • Telegram. Write bots with Node JS and Telegraf. 🇷🇺 Udemy


  • “HapiJs Handbook + HapiJs Cheatsheet”. 🇬🇧 Leanpub, Gumroad
  • “HapiJs Cheatsheet”. 🇬🇧 Gumroad

Mobile apps

I have built more than 25+ own IOS apps using Swift, React Native and Ionic in the period of April 2017 - late 2019. I know something about apps monetization, ASO, deploying to App Store.

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