How to create IOS build of Travelpayouts SDK without Fabric?

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if you building a project using Travelpayouts SDK for IOS, you can encounter a problem with Fabric library, when you want to archive a project. It’s looking like this:

Travelpayouts SDK IOS Fabric issue

Fabric/Crashlytics - it’s using for track crashes of the app and to use it, you need to register an account on, get API Key and Build Secret to successfully archive a project to .ipa.

To avoid this issue you need to add API Key and Build Secret to the configuration of your app. But, if you don’t want to share any data of your app and just archive it and upload to App Store, you need the next solution. Just comment the lines on the picture or remove build phase for Fabric Script:

Quick Fix For Fabric

Hope, it will help you.

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