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For about few years I’m using daily planners. If I see that someone regularly using a daily planner, it is a signal that a person has goals and this person achieve them. Some people using daily planners in phones, but I prefer to use paper planners because it’s more freedom to write or draw your goals, to-do, thoughts.

My friends presented me the Blankster Chrono Planner on my 23 birthday. This is diagram daily planner from Ukrainian firm with the ability interchangeable blocks. They have a site, but it’s only in the Russian language. You can check it here.

By this time I have changed a few blocks for this time. I’m very grateful to my friends for this gift for this valuable gift.

What does it look like?

Externally, it looks like this:

Front of the Chrono Blankster Planner

Back of the Chrono Blankster Planner

Leather cover. The pages of the planner are made of cream design paper Munich with a density of 90 g / m2. The block is interchangeable, 100 pages, the size is 14 x 21 cm. Every block designed for 3 months. So you need 4 blocks for one year.

I make the description of the time intervals for each block on the inner cover

Every block keeps on a special rubber band:

Planning using Blankster Chrono

This is my example of day planning:

Every page of planner it’s one day with the diagram (hours from 9 am to 9 pm). Every sector of this diagram its one hour of daylight hours. In the top of the page, you can write your main goal for the day. All place under the diagram you can use for notes, drawings, goals, thoughts etc. As for me, I write a daily summary.

Also, I setting up some goals for every month. This daily planner has one page for goals before month start and one page after a month (to analyze your efficiency):

If you want to order this daily planner, but you are not in Ukraine - feel free to write me and I can help you with this.

How do you keep your goals, thoughts? Which apps or daily planners do you use?

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