How to obtain Youtube API Key

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In this tutorial we will figure out how to get Youtube API Key.

Follow steps below to obtain Youtube API key:

Step 1 : Go to Google Developer Platform Console

Step 2 : Open an existing project or create a new one

Step 3 : Click on Api & Services

Api & Services

Step 4 : Click on Library

Api & Services

Step 5 : Enter Youtube keyword

Api & Services

Step 6 : Click on Youtube Api Data V3

Click on Youtube-api-data-v3

Step 7 : Click Enable

Click Enable Youtube Data Api

Step 8 : You will be redirected to Youtube API panel. You can see information about requests, logs, configure credentials or disable this API

Click Enable Youtube Data Api

Step 9 : Go to Credentials, then Create Credentials and choose API Key


Step 10 : A modal window with API key will open

Youtube API key

Now this key is available in the API keys list

Youtube API keys list

Restrict Youtube API key

If you want:

  • rename Youtube API key
  • configure clients that can use Youtube API key
  • do API restrictions for Youtube API key

you need to click on Restrict key link

Restrict Youtube API key

Here you can see all configurations for your Youtube API key

Youtube API Key Restrictions

Note for Firebase Users

If you opened a GDP project that created by Firebase, you can find already existing Youtube API key

Youtube API key created by Firebase

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