3 Tips to make your Developer Profile better on Upwork

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As a developer on Upwork, you need to don’t forget about marketing skills to sell your services. In this article, I want to share with you 3 tips on which it’s worth paying your attention.

1. Title

The title is the first important thing, that the client sees when searching a good fit for a project. As well, the client sees your title when checking cover letters from developers. Therefore you need to make it informative, accurate and without “water”.

For example, you are working with Angular.js, React.js, Vue.js technologies. Don’t use the titles like a “Web Developer”. Specify it to “Frontend Developer (Angular, React, Vue)”. Sometimes I saw some profiles with titles similar to this “Laravel / Angular / Vue / Heroku” and probably these titles are working. Anyway, try to experiment with different titles on the profile.

2. Profile Description

I recommend keeping your profile description short (no more than 9 paragraphs). You don’t need to write a sheet of text. “Short description” on Upwork means to avoid “More” inscription on your description. For example, let’s take the description on my Upwork profile:

Short description on Upwork

But for example, if we add a 10th paragraph, all text after 9th paragraph will be hidden:

Description with “more”

After pressing “more” link

It’s unnecessary action to press “more” link, but we can avoid it using the short description.

Also, you can experiment with emojis in the description. For example, these checkboxes very well combined with Upwork design and look like not bad.

Description in profile with emojis

P.S. don’t use any links in your profile description, especially to other social networks, Github, etc. Keep it only with a text. Do not violate the rules of this service

3. Video Introduction

It’s very powerful tip, but as I discovered very little percent of developers use it. So, why is video introduction is very important:

  • It’s a lightweight format. The client does not need to read all your text in the description
  • You can describe your experience shortly
  • The client sees that you are a living person and subconsciously becomes more trust

In my opinion the best duration for a video - it’s 30-60 seconds. I checked many profiles and can say that videos with duration more than 60 seconds attract less attention than short videos and seem long. You can use your phone for a camera, but I recommend to shoot your video in a room without noises and with a good light. You can check my video introduction as an example, but I shot it without a good light:


To use your video on Upwork, you need to upload it to Youtube. Also, you can add subtitles to your video on Youtube, if your pronounce leaves much to be desired.


When I discovered developer profiles for a good video example, I collected 7 good examples of video introductions and want to share them with you. You can check them by signing up to my mailing list here.

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