How to set Blaze plan on Firebase platform

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To avoid “Cloud Functions deployment requires the pay-as-you-go (Blaze) billing plan” error, you can change your billing plan instead of setting Node.js to version 8.

In this post, we will fix this error by changing the billing plan.

  1. Go to “Project Overview”, then “Usage and billing”:

Usage and billings

  1. Open “Details & settings”:

  1. Click on “Modify plan”:

Modify plan

  1. Choose “Pay as you go” plan:

Choose “Pay as you go” plan

  1. Then click “Continue”:

Continue on “Blaze” plan

  1. You will be redirected to the billing page. Choose your country and click confirm:

Fill in all the fields

  1. Setup all required fields and click “Confirm Purchase”:

Setup all required fields

  1. If the update was successful you can see this modal window:

Successful upgrade of project

You will get a confirmation email and the Cloud Functions deployment requires the pay-as-you-go (Blaze) billing plan will disappear while deploying your function.

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