How to trigger Netlify build Using Google Scheduler

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Well, I decided to migrate from Firebase Cloud Functions to Google Scheduler, because it’s much simpler if you want to send only POST-request. It has already an existing UI for setting the Webhook URL.


To follow this guide you need to have or create a project in the Google Cloud. If you never logged in, you can try free trial. But, as I understood the 3 cron jobs per month are free and all others - 0.10$ by each job.

Pricing in Google Scheduler UI

Create a job

  1. Go to your Google Cloud project and search for Cloud Scheduler API. Enable it for your project.

    There a lot of ways to enable Scheduler API. The way above is one example.

  2. Then go to Products > Cloud Scheduler

  3. You got to the page with all jobs: All Jobs

    Press Create job button.

  4. Add the name, frequency (uses cron syntax), timezone. Select HTTP as Target, fill the URL and set the HTTP method. In my case, I have added a Webhook URL from Netlify. The POST request to this URL will trigger a blog build. I already described this in my post.

    The job body

    Press Create as the last step.

    If CRON is new for you, I recommend to visit the crontab guru

  5. You will see your created job in the list: List of all jobs

    In my case, it will run every day at 9 am (Ukraine timezone)

  6. Netlify deploys will look like this:

    Netlify deploys


You can press **View” on your job and check the detailed log page for your cloud scheduler:

View log

Logs Viewer page looks like the screenshot:

View log


You can trigger any URL with Google Cloud Scheduler or do some action. It supports all types of HTTP methods.

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