Hello, 2019! Bye, 2018!

Bye 2018

In this post I wanna to write a simple summary about this year. About travel, work, personal stuff. Maybe I need to make it a habit and post report every month.


Screen from Swarm - My 2018 review
Screen from Swarm – My 2018 review
  • January
    Kyiv, Kerch
  • February
  • March
  • April
    Dortmund, Amsterdam, Brussels
  • May
    Kyiv, Odessa
  • June
    Shchaslyvtseve (Azov Sea)
  • July
    Lviv, Warsaw, Gdansk
  • August
  • September
    Warsaw, Lisbon, Basel
  • October
  • November
    Kyiv, Frankfurt, Valencia, Munich
  • December

In July I visited the OMBIZ forum in Lviv, Ukraine:

With Orest Zub
Sławek Muturi - he visitea all countries in the world and got a financial freedom
Sławek Muturi – he visited all countries in the world and got a financial freedom

In September, I and my friend Roman attended the DNX festival conference in Lisbon, Portugal. We met many interesting people who create something:

From one of the talks on DNX
From one of the talks on DNX
Ukrainian Team on DNX, Lisbon
Ukrainian Team on DNX, Lisbon
With Jimmy Naraine on DNX Lisbon 2018
Jimmy Naraine – one of the TOP Udemy instructors
With Dave Williams
With Dave Williams
With my friend - Roman
With my friend – Roman


I graduated from university and received my master’s degree:

My diploma
My diploma

Own projects


Blog analytics for 2018
Blog analytics for 2018

It was published 24 posts. 2 of my posts was cross-posted to the official blog of Expo SDK. Also, my unique tutorial was featured on Polyglot Developer. They sent me an author-pack, but it stuck on Ukrainian customs. For one of my tutorials, I recorded a video.


Installations in App Store
Installations in App Store

The main – created more or less stable passive income stream. It is not very big money, but very pleasant. Less downloads, than in previous year, but more sales. I can’t calculate, but published around 5-6 applications and same quantity was not published. Also, I created account on Google Play and published first 4 apps, but after a 2 weeks Google banned me without a reason.

Google Play banned my account
Google Play banned my account


It was created 2 courses in the end of 2018. The first is not related to programming, the second about Express.js. But all these courses on Russian language. I got my first dozens of students:

Analytics from Udemy
Analytics from Udemy


Worked on one Angular 5 project and Serverless App. Feedback from client:

Roman did a great job!


I played a little with different affiliation programs. One of the projects successfully worked and generated some $, but I closed it, because I needed to put all time to work on it and raise it in google search. Another project works without me (I automated it using DigitalOcean and Node.js), but generates 0$ and it will take a time to monetize it, because it should create a trust.

Also, in July I was attended on online Russian Speaking conference for developers. The theme of my story was “how to start working remotely as software developer”. It was my first experience of conference talk, but it was online.

Checklist for 2019:

  • continue build personal brand
  • use more freelancers
  • create more helpful content (own and other platforms)
  • build a more detailed strategy for blog and own projects
  • learn more about e-mail marketing
  • restore project with affiliation links
  • publish one of apps to CodeCanyon
  • create first e-book
  • record videos to Youtube channel
    UPDATE, JAN 2019:
  • learn more about online marketing
  • talk on real conference

Probably because of my mentality, I cannot write in detail about the numbers and what I do. I hope to fix it in the next year.

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