How to Remove Instagram Pop Up

html debugger

In this post, we will learn how to remove the “Log in to continue” pop up on Instagram. It’s a simple tutorial to show how to use Chrome debugger for beginners.

Instagram Pop up

Step 1:

Open More tools > Developer tools in Chrome:

Developer tools in Chrome

Step 2:

Click on Elements tab and find element with role="presentation":

Role Presentation Element

Select it and remove it by pressing the Delete button.

Step 3:

Now, this pop up is removed, but we can’t scroll the page. We need to find the body element and set overflow from hidden to scroll:

Overflow Scroll

That’s all. Now you can scroll this page without any pop-ups.


It’s a simple way how to remove this annoying Instagram Pop up. You can implement a JS script to remove this pop-up or even search for some Chrome Extensions.

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