How to Obtain Mapkit JS Private Key

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Recently, I ran into Apple Maps and how it works. I have found we need to create a MapKit JS key to work with Apple Maps.

IMPORTANT: To follow this guide you should have Apple Developer Membership

Here is a visual step by step guide:

Step 1


Apple Developer Account

Step 2

Click on Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles

Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles

Step 3

Click + to the right of Identifiers

Add identifier

Step 4

Now we need to register a new identifier and choose Maps IDs as a value. Then click Continue

Register a new identifier

Step 5

Enter inputs and click Continue

Enter Map ID’s inputs

Step 6

Make sure all values are okay. Click Register

Register Map ID

Step 7

We successfully registered a new identifier. We can filter identifiers by clicking on the magnifier icon


Step 8

Now we are going to create a key. Press Keys, then Create a key button

Create a key

Step 9

Enter the name for your key and enable MapKit JS. Then click Configure

Register a new key

Step 10

Search for a newly-created identifier and select it

Configure key

Step 11

Click Save

Save configured key

Step 12

Press Continue

Select MapKit JS

Step 13

Press Register

Register a new MapKit JS Key

Step 14

Now we need to download key

IMPORTANT: You can download the key just once!

If you are ready, press Download

Download key

Step 15

Download prompt will appear in the browser

Downloaded key

Now you can use this key in your projects.

Step 16 (optional)

To check key details, open Keys

Existing private key

Step 17 (optional)

Click on the key and view details

View key details


That’s a visual guide through obtaining MapKit JS private key. You can use it for Apple Maps in your WEB-applications. You can see an examples to understand what you can build.

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