How Much Money Can You Earn With an Android or IOS App?

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Hello! If you are from Ukraine, Belarus, Poland or India and looking for a job in Software Development, please reach me out by email.

Some time ago I found an interesting and simple resource -, which show how much you can earn by selling product or service by different popular platforms - Stripe, Paypal, Gumroad, App Store, Play Store, Windows Store and Direct. The advantage of this service - its automatically calculate a commission for each platform through which you will sell your product or service.

Commission for each platform

For example, if you have an app on App store, which cost** $2.99** and you want you to earn **10000$ **only from this app, you need to have your app purchased by **4778 customers**:

App purchased by 4778 customers

So, using this site, you can easily estimate the revenue from your product or service including all fees.

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