3 Gatsby Starter Kits for Programmatic SEO Sites in 2022

SEO programmatic SEO react gatsby

Gatsby is the most popular React-based framework for building programmatic SEO sites. It allows the generation of a thousand pages in SSG mode (static site generation) which opens a lot of opportunities to reach the audience. In this article, you can consider some of the existing starter kits to quickly bootstrap the programmatic site using GatsbyJS.

1. gatsby-starter-interviews


This template has a separation between data integration and UI logic, GA, and Facebook pixel in the box, responsive. Good to show some repeatable data.

2. gatsby-starter-ecommerce


Starter Ecommerce Kit has integration with moltin API. You can get the Motlin API key and integrate data. Design is mobile-ready and recommended to use for e-commerce online shops.

3. gatsby-material-ui-business-starter


Built on top of Material UI and suitable for e-commerce sites. However is not mobile-ready, but works well on desktops.

Wrapping up

These templates can help you quickly create a prototype and scale it to a real programmatic SEO solution. With various data integrations, you can create hundreds and thousands of pages on the fly and deploy them to any hosting that allows static sites. The programmatic SEO is a top-notch trend of 2022 and probably will continue to be in 2023 along with a lot of new starter kits and integrations.

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