Hi, there! My name is Roman. I am 23 years old (was born in 1994) from Ukraine🇺🇦. I guess I’m a software developer and traveler.

I started out my career as a developer at the end of 2nd year of my study in university: In February 2014, I began learning some coding on JS and PHP and started creating simple apps for myself. In parallel, I sent my CV to different companies and in June 2014 I got my first job as JavaScript Developer. Currently, my main tools to solve problems and build projects are: Node.js, Angular, React Native, Ionic, Swift

Since that time I worked 1.5 years in offices and after this, I started work remotely. In first days of my remote job, I realized that I can do my work not at home: in a cafe, in coworking and even in another country. And I immediately bought a ticket to Georgia and worked a few days in the capital of Georgia – Tbilisi. Before this, I had some experience of working remotely – I lived 1.5 months in Montenegro with my friend (Serhii, I’m saying about you :)) and in that time I visited some nearest countries: Serbia, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina. In period summer 2015 – summer 2017, I visited 18 countries and at the same time did my work.

I decided to collect all my work and life experience in one place – here. So, the goals for this blog:
– save my important thoughts here, doesn’t matter: about work, about journeys, about side-projects, about life etc
– help other people using my mistakes and experience
– improve English
– improve writing skills

How To Contact Me

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